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One more weekend:

2012-11-23 19:33:10 by Aaroca

And then I'l be done with working on my college artwork, and I'll have a whole holidays to look for paid work, draw some requested images, and maybe make a significant amount of progress on my novel.
Here's to a healthy explosion of happiness.

Do the happy dance. WOO!


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2012-11-23 22:07:25

I look on the news page, I see your name. So I click, and I see joyous news.

Aaroca responds:

I love the news page.
DId you see my news post about how news only exists for the eradication of all news?
It's quite self degrading.

Your turn to eradicate some news.


2012-12-04 01:59:00

News does not eradicate news. Stupid people eradicate news. You're not a stupid people. Don't worry. Your news posts are great.