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Rune nostalgia.

2012-12-04 00:25:55 by Aaroca

No clue why, but I felt like visiting Runescape for the first time in... 1... 3... 5 months? Saw it in my bookmarks menu, and though; "Hey, why not?".
There's a ton of weird updates and strange new things going on. Graphic's changed a bit, theres an action bar now.
And I'm still a poor ass bastard. :(
Currently working on a song request that I requested from Bas2a, that's going well.
I Really want to get myself a profile pic. Maybe I'll draw one.

I'm Aaroca in Runescape also. Feel free to add me or whatever. I might dungeon with ya, or trade, or what-evs.
We could kill chickens together. -_-


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2012-12-04 01:56:26

Poor poor Aaroca. You missed out on the amulet of Power.

Aaroca responds:

Hey what? What's that?
if you mean an enchanted diamond amulet... I have one of them (its funny that you never forget those things).


2012-12-05 22:46:11

I don't even play Runescape. It's my OWN Amulet.

Aaroca responds:

You have a REAL diamond amulet with a rock the size of the Cullinan?
You lucky bastard.



2012-12-10 14:07:19

Accept my friend request. Or else, you will be vaporized

Aaroca responds:

Oh my GOD!!
There are friend requests now!!

Tastes like old socks...