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Titles. Are. Complicated.

2012-12-11 08:00:21 by Aaroca

When you try to write a story, the first thing you usually think of is the title.
But if your like me, and you can be a total dope sometimes, then coming up with one in the first place is usually kinda annoying.
I've decided to put my current running project on hold and comeback to it later with a fresh perspective.
In the meantime, however, I gonna work on another one of my brilliant ideas.
You know, coz Im BURSTING with ideas EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Who isn't?
Its a fantasy/adventure/romance type thingy, and it involves phoenices.
I have a few Ideas for titles but i think I should have someone else pick out of them.
Here they are;
1. "Ankh of Birds"
2. "The Exchange of Pheonix Feathers"
3. "Crossing Oceans with Wings"
4. The name of the fantasy world where the story takes place, if you have a suggestion please feel free to tell me.

Thats it. Have a nice funny looking pie.

EDIT; "The Exchange of Phoenix Feathers" is the DECIDED title. And the name of the fantasy realm is "Terra Speculum", sticking with the Latin theme that Remorph gave me.
Thanks bud.
I'm going to make a map of the basic area, keep an eye out.

The Other Other God.
Believe it.


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2012-12-13 15:25:45


Like it? It's actually two Latin words mixed together, meaning Wings Of Fire. It's cool, right?

Aaroca responds:

"YAFE" for short.
But even though its ridiculously amazing...
I need something a little more 'earthy'.
I might name the volcano where the phoenices live Alasignis, but the whole world?
Any other ideas?

The Other Other God.