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I've heard so many remixes of Gerudo Valley recently; I went on a remix binge. There was ALWAYS one more remix to listen to.
This one here? Pretty good. There are some DANK ones on youtube that blow the fish out of the ocean, but this one still hauls up a full net.
Comparisons aside; NICE JOB!

Dat fishing analogy doe.

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks Aaroca, you've been with me since the beginning and I always appreciate your thoughts. I'd say this is why i continue to make music

I really like the title you gave this one.
God that temple flip mechanic was a head scratcher.

Your out of songs for me to fanboy over and download and listen to over and over and over and help me I'm addicted.

Can't. Find. All. The. Cats.
Here's your obligatory five stars, sir.

My favourite part of the game. (teehee)

I didn't play this one :(
But that is very nice art of a deific whale.
And this is very nice song of deific whale theme.

Windfish looks majestic.

Oh hello. Four songs at once.
Excellent >:)
Instantly all five stars because I'm a fanboy.

My favourite part of the game.

its a 5/5 from me!


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No one can stop you now!

(I'm sorry I had to)

Let your rage consume you more often.
Makes nice sounds :D


DesoloZ responds:

I just know how to put my emotions into song form lol

I'm back!
You've been busy! :D
I've been lazy. :(
This is brilliant.


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Seprix responds:

Thank you! I haven't just been busy, Newgrounds is blocked at my house now for reasons. I can only access it from College at the moment, until I move out.

Sounds like a horror game.
Or an outer space game.
Either way, this is solid stuff.

I'd buy this game; Just to load up the menu and chill.

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Seprix responds:

You'll find out soon what the game is about, and other details.

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