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I really don't know how I'm supposed to measure your submissions for the Cookie of approval.
Voice acting doesn't really have a structure to analyse, so it's way more free and malleable; You know this.
Back to the thing, my favourite character is probably Frankenstein's Monster. He doesn't get as much attention as the vampire, but he says some funny stuff; "THAT WAS BADASS!!", "SHANE IS A DICK!!".

I'll figure out how to rate you work at some point.

I'm really glad that you churned this one out.
The start is epic. Like potato salad. ^_^
I'd say you also chose your instruments very well, and you've recreated the overworld melody splendidly.
Throwing in the Spirit Flute's theme from the game in the middle of it all is ten trillion times better than if you'd kept the same thing going for for the whole five minutes. For that you get some brownie points.
The end was satisfying as well. Good job.

The Aaroca Cookie of Approval deems this song; Worthy.

I'm sure I've heard that thing at 0:28 before where it gets higher, then higher again, then back down to the first, uh, note level? Thing? Bah!
Anyway, I'm sure you've done that before.
The instruments you use always remind me of Diddy Kong Racing.
That, and your music is always so damn nice!
Are you a god?!

This is deserving of the Aaroca Cookie of Approval, but the medal is good enough for now. Keep making good stuff and don't forget how awesome you are.

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Waterflame responds:

haha thanks :D yeah ive used that bassline before sadly. thats my least original point, the bassline progressions...

glad you like it! :D

Oh Gawwwwd...
That opening riff with the... err... Electric Organ type thingy?
...? Whatever it is it's awesome, K?
The main melodies are very... uh... Sorry the word escapes me, but they feel very "full".
...I'm a wreck.
it's a TAD repetitive. If you find yourself skipping parts of the song then that's what it is.
The end was a letdown. It just stopped, and theres still ten seconds left to play.
The transitions were very bland and basically all the same. I mean, I put chicken stock in my noodles, but you need the Moroccan seasoning to make it taste like something thats actually real. You know?

I'm serious about the noodles.

Daydream-Anatomy responds:

I see, thanks, but now I'm hungry>_>

Hmmm... *starts stroking chin*
The start is good (+1 star), I guess the main melodies and such are pretty good (+1 star), I do think these instruments are coming through pretty clear and the mixing is... acceptable (+1 star), the song doesn't get boring at any point (+1 star), and the guys right; this loops pretty darn tootin' well (+1 star).

The Aaroca Cookie of Approval deems this song; Worthy.

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Intro: HELLLLL YEEEEEAAAAAH!!! (+1 star)
Beats and tunes: AIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHH!!! (+1 star)
Instruments: The bast 'o' da bast mun. (+1 star)
Repeating: You did it man, this one keep it fresh ALL the way. (+1 star)
End of song: UH-HUH! Uh-huh...? ...Where'd the song go? (+0.5 stars)

4.5 stars. Aww. And it was doing so well... Why kill the mood with the abrupt end, man? Why?

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DJ-Hectic responds:

Yeah, I was incredibly lazy with the ending. I'd fix it, but... well you can probably guess. I may or may not update this, but probably not because school. Thanks for reviewing, and I'm glad you enjoyed the rest of it so much!

Okay, here's the breakdown.
Introduction is too long, even for techno. If you halved it and added a few seconds it would be awesome. About there I was thinking, "End's about... now? No, still going".
The melodies however are splendid, I love them, great.
Instruments are perfect for this genre, no losses for you.
It is on the verge of being so, but it is not overly repetitive, safe.
What's with the "Whoosh". At the end. It goes "Whoosh". Why? This isn't a loop.

4 stars isn't too bad. Good job.

Any more of these pieces of gold and you might get a cookie medal this month.
This song gets the approval cookie.
Also, your pretty awesome.

The Aaroca Cookie of Approval deems this song; Worthy.

Indigorain responds:


Thank you, cookie master! :D

Oh, geez.
At first, I didn't think this deserved all five stars. The end was kinda... errrrrrrrrreh...
But a second ear leant more in the side of "Yeah, this is good".

The Aaroca Cookie of Appoval has deemed this song; Worthy.

You know, this is kinda runescape-ish.
It sounds like one of the town themes.
And it also meets all of the audio criteria for the Aaroca Cookie of Approval.

One Aaroca Cookie of Approval for thee.

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SpikeVallentine responds:

Yay. I was going for an rpg feel.

Thank you Aaroca.

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