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This is nuttier than a fruitcake.


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JQiscool responds:

haha that's the shortest yet best review you have ever given me :P

Vote it up!
Vote it up!
Hell yesness.

"I giveth thee the power of FIVE!" said The Other Other God.

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You make some of the best dubstep on Newgrounds.
You deserve a cookie.
Eat up.

"Eat the cookie. Eat the cookie. Eat the cookie." said The Other Other God.

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This one is more epic than the original...
This is a splendid remix. Or... "resampling".
Whatever it's called, it rocks.

"Desh Re-mixes all around folks!!" said The Other Other God.

This one just seems a little awkward.
Maybe the instruments don't mesh well together.

"Fan turns left. Fan turns right. Repeat," said The Other Other God.

All four parts are splendiferifirous. And this ties them all up in a nice bow.
It's the same feeling you get when you realise that the way that you just tied up your shoe was not only masterful, but also graceful, and maybe slightly erotic.
This song is masterful and graceful, but I doubt you were going for erotic.
Maybe you could put all four parts up in the same file, in order.
That would be sweet.
And very long.

"Oh so very long," said The Other Other God

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JQiscool responds:

Hahaha ive never tied my shoe that way....but ok!
Thank you for the kindness! and no, wasn't really goin for erotic haha
That would be a long song if i did that! hahahha

Well then, this is very good.
If I could sing, I'd offer my own voice to do a collab (if only to get attention), but I sound like a dying cat when I try to sing.
Maybe the bicycle could sing? It's drunk enough.
Seriously, I'd like to listen to your music more often.

"I will not sing, for that would only be a repeat of the of the night of January 3rd, 2002, where the dog committed suicide," said The Other Other God rather solemnly.

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Bafana responds:

Bafana Mac ft Aaroca - All Is Love (Dying Cat Remix).

I'm working on an EP right now! Mainly new stuff, but a couple or updated oldies in there too.

Does this cactus have legs? I bet it can dance.

"Ooh! The Cactus Dance!" said The Other Other God.

My favourite part was when it went "BEEP".

"BEEP," said The Other Other God.

Yoshiii343 responds:


To be honest, I have no idea whether this is chipstep or not.
I need a music thesaurus.

"This is pretty groovy," observes The Other Other God

I am Aaroca. I play games and listen to music. If you want a hug ask your mother, that way it isn't weird.

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