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Does this cactus have legs? I bet it can dance.

"Ooh! The Cactus Dance!" said The Other Other God.

To be honest, I have no idea whether this is chipstep or not.
I need a music thesaurus.

"This is pretty groovy," observes The Other Other God

Dafuq have you been?!
Also this is pretty cools.

"I like this songs epicosity level" said The Other Other God.

Gravey responds:

Thank you.

Better than your other recent Dance song.
But it is a little bland, only "sort of changing" in parts.
To keep songs interesting all the way through, try not to reuse the same instrument structures and melodies through out the entirety of the song.
It's like how songs with lyrics are structured; Verse 1 will differ from verse 2, but whenever the chorus that sets itself as the songs identifier occurs, it will always be identical to how it will be played later in the song, or earlier in the song.
The same principle can be applied to songs without lyrics.

"I hope that makes sense to you," says The Other Other God.

JQiscool responds:

Yes, i understand. Ill work on it!

I would say something moving and useful, but I'm too busy dancing.
Other than that, the noise that starts up at 0:40 is unprofessional and repulsive.
And it doesn't sound as much like a dance song as it sounds like an experimental trance song, and an amateur one at that.
I think you should spend a little extra time on some songs.

"Not your best work," said the Other Other God.

JQiscool responds:

Haha good one.
Yes, i know, this song wasn't one of MY favorites either.
And i am a bit of an amateur if you might say :P

This is an epic start to your new you.
Everyone will bow down to the sheer awesomeness that is Indigorain.
But you will bow down to me. :)

The Other Other God

Indigorain responds:

I thank thee, Aaroca, Other Other God.

May our paths cross once more.

That. Was. Awesome.
Need more Or4anges.

The Other Other God

I really love your originals.
They capture the feeling. THE FEELING!
Then boil it alive, dice, marinate in a seasoned vinaigrette, and serve with assorted vegetables.
Delicious, if I may say so.

The Other Other God

This is really cool! The use of the ukulele and xylophone really adds to the cheery and relaxed atmosphere that a trombone usually wouldn't.
Oh hey... a trombone...
I guess brass is a very malleable musical element.

See what I did there?

sorohanro responds:

Thank you for the very nice review.
The trombone is a sampled tuba doubled by a bassoon. I guess it's not the most natural sounding, closer to a trombone. Brass is malleable :D

Sounds like haunted theme park stuff...

THe Other Other God.

I am Aaroca. I play games and listen to music. If you want a hug ask your mother, that way it isn't weird.

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