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I've heard so many remixes of Gerudo Valley recently; I went on a remix binge. There was ALWAYS one more remix to listen to.
This one here? Pretty good. There are some DANK ones on youtube that blow the fish out of the ocean, but this one still hauls up a full net.
Comparisons aside; NICE JOB!

Dat fishing analogy doe.

ChaosDragon004 responds:

Thanks Aaroca, you've been with me since the beginning and I always appreciate your thoughts. I'd say this is why i continue to make music

Let your rage consume you more often.
Makes nice sounds :D


DesoloZ responds:

I just know how to put my emotions into song form lol

I'm back!
You've been busy! :D
I've been lazy. :(
This is brilliant.


Seprix responds:

Thank you! I haven't just been busy, Newgrounds is blocked at my house now for reasons. I can only access it from College at the moment, until I move out.

Sounds like a horror game.
Or an outer space game.
Either way, this is solid stuff.

I'd buy this game; Just to load up the menu and chill.

Seprix responds:

You'll find out soon what the game is about, and other details.

This made me gurn.
This is the best terrible thing I've ever heard

By that I mean GOOD JOB.

Seprix responds:

I think this took me a minute. I might even take this down, I just made it to try some effect out.

I reckon its pretty good.
Lots of suspense in it, but it IS a bit short, like you said.
You could probably make something really good out of it.
*COUGH*Needs wizards and cakes in panzers*COUGHCOUGH*

(Please don't take me seriously)

Seprix responds:

lol got it

I want you to write a cinematic piece about a wizard with no clothes fighting a cake in a blue panzer.
Can you do that?

The Wizard doesn't have to be naked if you don't want it to. :(

Seprix responds:

u w0t m8

Uh, sure?

Were you satisfied with the test tho?


Seprix responds:

It's not a test. :) this is a demo. This song will come to fruition.

I'm not sure if we're talking about doom, as in the atmosphere, or "Doom" the FPS, so i can't really weigh in on that matter.
But I think that this piece achieves a tragic villain theme, like you intended (based on the Author Comments)
They sound so... rough. Like the character, a bit unrefined, unpolished, leading to his "rebel" characterisation. I'd like to see what the piece would look like if the strings were changed to something smoother; and I imagine the piece would not achieve the same darkness, and more of a cinematic, possibly "movie-trailer-ish" sound (not that it isn't already kinda cinematic).
And that Finale was very good! BRAVO!
It feels like the "moment of tragedy" where the character would realise what they are, but its too late to take anything back (well that's what it feels like to me).
I'd like to see more.

Look at the words you made me type!
Adding half a star for inspiring me!
Good job!

Seprix responds:

There ARE problems with this piece for sure. The staccato is too loud (the viola you hear the whole time) and the ending is a bit short. I could make it go another full round.

You can FEEL the intensity.
But after such an intense song, most would like to feel some kind of dramatic finale. I know I was expecting it, and I know its not an absolute must (and does not fit the styles of some artists), but I felt kind of disappointed that it ended just like it had been going the majority of the song.
Chase scenes generally have a "Catch Phase", like... the villain is apprehended by the hero and the villain uses the last of his strength to fight back.
That kind of thing. :/
I felt like this didn't have that, and given the provided scenario, should have had that kind climactic finish.

That is all.
See you in the rift.

DanJohansen responds:

Hi man, I def know where you are coming from, I've done that in a lot of my tracks, for this track I was setting up a perfect loop at the end to jump back to the beginning if programmed in such a way :) That's why the track wasn't built like that.

Glad you enjoyed it man! Thanks for the awesome review!

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